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Born into the lower or working class. If you were born with a plastic spoon in your mouth, you grew up riding public transport, eating food out of cans, begging your parents for a quarter, wearing bargain bin clothes and using the internet at public libraries...

Basically the opposite of spoiled; while not necessarily poor, you missed out on a lot of the experiences well-to-do suburban kids enjoyed. Nothing was ever handed to you, you know from an early age that life is not fair, and the only way you'll accumulate wealth is through hard work and sheer luck. You find comfort in knowing that you appreciate what you do have, not taking for granted that you are still more privileged than most of the world.

Nevertheless you can't help but envy those born into wealth who travel the world on their trust funds and go directly from school to yuppiedom without breaking a sweat or sucking corporate dick for twenty years before being promotes to regional executive.
Some of us were just born with plastic spoons in our mouths...
by Uberdawg December 01, 2011
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A revalutionary Shovel used by the penguins in madagascar.
can be used in some games using these stats

Attack 3
Durability 5
Ahhh my plastic spoon broke now I cant dig
by Fishtales December 12, 2006
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