remote possibility
Joey: Listen, I know it's a long shot, but by any chance,
did she find that funny?
by all is white August 19, 2009
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One chapter fanfiction writing that exceeds 1,500 words; brother of the "one shot."
I'm going to write a long shot Clannad fic.
by G-Kun September 17, 2009
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A Long-Shot-Louis is someone, when playing the sport football, always takes shots from far out range.
"Hey, why didn't you pass? I was in so much space! Your such a Long-Shot-Louis!"
by Nico Docherty March 03, 2008
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Loan Shark , but when you can't say Loan Shark.
This is Vincent, He will take are of you. He can be your Long Shot.
by Vinnie Business September 27, 2021
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