A Norwegian sport where you push a guy named Carl across ice. Not to be confused with curling.
Hey did you watch carling last night?

Yeah Canada totally dominated the US in the final rounds with some nice broom works.

WTF, I said carling not curling you loser. Who watches curling anyways, it's like hockey minus the speed and excitement.
by sulo251 February 28, 2010
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Originating from the Deftones song Pink Cellphone. "Carling, Hot Carling Academy, its a school where you go to learn how to buttfuck"
by enjoy carmia April 5, 2009
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Beer brewed in the UK by Coors
A great Pint...cheap and good quality
Also Current Sponsers of Rangers and Celtic FC
SO It'll be another Carling i take it? Hell yeah..cheap and good my man!
by Kev_scotland August 13, 2006
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originaly marketed in the uk as a canadian(briefly and dubiously) lager brand with the after tag of black label.Has out lasted the rest of the early cheap and nasty lager brands due only to marketing. Tastes of tin if it comes in one or not.If ever the addage of tip it straight into the toilet and save your self the trouble, was ,it applies to this stuff!
carling ? got ANYTHING else?
by toymi69 May 30, 2008
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to go door to door and punch people in the face
one day, i was carling my way through the streets when some girl said she didnt like carling so i carled her so hard that she had to get stitches
by DarCyZ December 13, 2006
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The Act of putting your beer in your koozie without opening it for a long period of time.
Jason was carling last night
by darous February 8, 2008
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