1.When you are so blazed out of your mind to take your dick out of you shorts, so u jerk off under your clothing and wake up the next morning with your shorts being CAKED

2. to pass out while jizzing on your self
I got so high last night i CAKED my self

Ish was so blazed out of his mind he woke up CAKED.

When he woke up we looked at his shorts and noticed he was CAKED
by rmyc November 14, 2010
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when a girl, usually of the skanky variety, wears enough makeup on her face to paint a bathroom.
ew man look at her face, its caked.
by metdizzle February 16, 2008
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When you have devoured a space cake full of weed. Rather than being baked, you are caked.
Man that space cake has left me caked.
by Sarah Greta June 25, 2013
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To shit one's self and end up with defecation on one's undergarments.
Oh no! My pants are caked! I hope it hasn't got onto my trousers.... Ugh! It's all warm and squidgy! It better not give me nappy-rash....
by The Way It Is May 15, 2012
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To be fed excessive volumes of dessert in a manner in which it is impolite to refuse. Usually after a large meal, or when one has a valid reason for not eating cake (diabetes, for example.) Aggressively done in some cultures.
I went to Oddi's house and his mom caked me to the point where I had to flip my plate upside down to prevent more cake from appearing.
by irrelevant592 July 10, 2013
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