when you're high you're baked...cakes get baked
person:Man, im caked.
by JizJones February 18, 2008
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when a girl, usually of the skanky variety, wears enough makeup on her face to paint a bathroom.
ew man look at her face, its caked.
by metdizzle February 17, 2008
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Mike: I got a rolex in my stocking for christmas
Kal: Bro you're caked
by Touch67 November 17, 2007
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something becomes caked when there is a build up or dirt or scum.
"you dirty bastard your fucking mousemat is caked with your cum Im not touching that"
by womoma April 16, 2005
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To be fed excessive volumes of dessert in a manner in which it is impolite to refuse. Usually after a large meal, or when one has a valid reason for not eating cake (diabetes, for example.) Aggressively done in some cultures.
I went to Oddi's house and his mom caked me to the point where I had to flip my plate upside down to prevent more cake from appearing.
by irrelevant592 July 10, 2013
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to get hit across the face as you would when you cake somebody.
"swear i dont like him son im about to cake him"
person 1:you just got knocked out!
person 2:why?
person 1:he just caked you!
by don yo February 17, 2008
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