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A touhg guy who manage it all and don't give a fuck. A kal is able to do things, many other men do not dare. If you can corner a trailer backwards, drink more than your friends or gets womens attention in every room you enter you are probably a kal.
Hey Troels, look a that guy doing a wheelie. He is such a kal.
(After performing a wheelie the kal will most likely get laid)
by 1st. kal May 20, 2016
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A god that is known to rule universes and kill anyone in his way
The universe bows before the mighty god/king Kal.
by Pseudonymous doch June 23, 2017
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a kal is a best person you can meet. he loves cookies. and if you promise him something he will bug you for it till you give it to him. he has very dry humor. and is amazing
kal = i'm waiting for my tray of cookies
by ringofire October 23, 2017
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A term used in a book series by David Eddings, meaning King and God.

A leader with godlike power and/or arrogance.
All hail Kal Yoshika
by Kal Yoshika March 23, 2004
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In the growing (and hip!) knitting community, it means "Knit Along," which is when multiple knitters make the same project at the same time which is both fun and helpful to each other. Crocheting has one too: CAL
I am part of the Jeanie Shawl KAL.
by emmybearknitting January 04, 2010
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A person who is the best of all things. and is very hilarious and has dry humor and always wants his cookies. And despises glitter and glitter phone cases
Kal is such a ÷%^×/#/=_÷
by #megcocopuppies October 03, 2017
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An extremely rare feminine name that appeared out in the 21st century. No one knows how or why it came to be, but anywho. It can be described as an individual whose awesomeness grants serenity and world peace to the people on Earth. Kal's tend to remind everyone that they are always there to help them. There are a few Kal's on the planet and if you discover one, be prepared to give your utmost respect.
Today a woman carried 10 people out of a burning airplane just before it was shot to shit. Her name was Kal people. Remember it.
by TreeFitty August 23, 2013
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