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when men (or someone else) look for something but can not find it because they do not look properly. Often whatever they are looking for is right in front of them.
you can't find it because you did a man look
by Sarbullar October 12, 2007
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When a man looks for something and can't find it and a woman finds it right away.
Did you manlook for that? It was right there.
by Scarika December 18, 2012
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When a person looks for somehting and does not see it, even though it is in plain sight.
I asked my husband to get me the scissors from the desk drawer and he claims they weren't there- he was definetly man looking- I found them right away!
by MaryBeth d May 26, 2006
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the quick glancing a male does when looking for something that his significant other sent him to look for with specific directions on how and where to find it.
Wife says to husband. John, please get me my green coffee mug in the second cupboard to the left of the sink on the the second shelf all the way in the back right hand corner. Man says to wife from kitchen. Honey I can't find it. Wife answers husband. Did you "look" for it or did you just man-look!?
by apljak December 09, 2010
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