9 definitions by don yo

to get hit across the face as you would when you cake somebody.
"swear i dont like him son im about to cake him"
person 1:you just got knocked out!
person 2:why?
person 1:he just caked you!
by don yo February 17, 2008
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dominican slang for a large amount of money
"etoy bucando lo cuarto que tu cre hacta que consiga una bmw seria 3"
by don yo August 23, 2007
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caribbean slang used to describe a situation out of the ordinary

spanish term for damn, or wow
diablo loco tu viste eso?

"damn/wow did you see that"
by don yo December 13, 2007
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slang from nicaragua meaning homosexual
oye loco el es un naca
by don yo November 3, 2008
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person 1 : did you know that he is a P.I.M.P
person 2 : why would you be proud of that?
Person 1 : not a pimp, but a P.I.M.P. a Proud Intellectual who is Making Progress
person 2: that is good he is going places
by don yo January 2, 2008
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