leah’s cacti is called peter, he’s a fucking spikey little bastard
by oldmcgloghlin February 22, 2019
Idiotic snobby way that annoying pricks pronounce multiple cactus plants.
"I love cacti."
"It's not pronounced cacti you uneducated fuck."
by Word Criticiser March 2, 2016
Travis said “cacti not no iced tea” but it is in fact iced tea
by Travis Scott undercover March 22, 2021
1) When one worships cacti because they feel it has magical powers or is to be consider inhabited by a spirit.

2) When one has a sexual desire on an abnormal degree with one or more cacti
1) Jacob has begun to to chant satanic chants towards his cactus due to his cacti fetish

2) Bob's cacti fetish led him to the hospital because of internal bleeding within his intestines, caused by an attempt to gain pleasure from a cactus by inserting it in his anus.
by Dimitri Bogenscar October 28, 2015
a cactus that is actually a reincarnation of our lord and savior.
yo cacty the cactus is like, jesus man
by MilesShrekDaddy September 13, 2019
when you get out of the shower after a long period of time when you step out your dick is all shriveld up and the dead skin is all over the place and hurts when you touch it
ouch i got ropey cacti in my fingers
by HULKSMASH112233445566 April 27, 2009