When 2 girls start scissoring. While scissoring one barfs on the other's chest. As the barf drips down to the pussy, the first one to lick up the barf wins
A green is just like having sex , but not.
by Jaylee, hand oh! May 14, 2007
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An Australian cult full of rejects, who pose as an "activist" group to feel relevant. Full of uni dropouts, Karens, soyboys, and . They act like spoilt brats - if they don't get their way they rally, use shaming tactics and generic insults, and claim that they know everything about the world after doing one uni class. Many of them dye their hair or make up strange words to label themselves to think "look at me, I'm special".

The Greens are so desperate for votes they pander to minorities and immigrants and target primary school aged children, as well as troll Youtube channels like Sky news, trying to use primitive shaming tactics. Because they are desperate for attention and to feel relevant, the Greens will protest and rally over anything they can find, even petty things like what someone said on Facebook.

The Greens have crazy idea and make rash decisions, but assume everyone else will fund it.
Jo: "The Greens Party rallied today, holding up traffic and public transport"
Jane: "Yep, usual procedure".
by Based Fiend April 22, 2023
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See gay as all hell. Greene references to a male that likes to lick other males unwipe dirty inches. You may also suffer from a tendency to munch on fecal matter whilst jerking-off. Greenes are often recognized by their bad breath and shit-stained teeth. You may want to avoid them at all costs, unless Greenes float your boat.
That guys breath smells like shit, he must have Greened some dude.
by MiMal April 24, 2006
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can be used when describing when someone has wronged another person...originating in Miami, FL
If he talks to yo ex-girl, that's green dogg
by Jesseka February 17, 2005
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Acronym to memorize sustainable development

G: Give care to environment and people;
R: Respond as soon as possible;
E: Environmentalism comes first;
E: Economic returns will follow;
N: Networking is to interact and pass message;
S: Social harmony will be accomplished
If you do not understand the meaning of sustainable development, try to keep GREENS in mind as your motto.
by Albert P.K. Lau July 24, 2009
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Depending on the persons usage of a word when they say " Green " usually meaning fake , two-faced ETC
" Chris is so green "
by ChyMoney March 27, 2015
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a slang word started in the prison, women would tell the police officers they're green. it is widely known as a derogatory term that means you're dumb as fuck.
"you greener than a motherfucker" -inmate
by mosttdope April 8, 2011
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