1. a shrub like plant.

2. looks and acts like a shrub but has the title of the president.
Wow, that is one heck of a stupid BUSH!!

That bush looks nice in my yard
by madyfaye April 15, 2008
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1.A president that has no clue how to spell

2.A brand of beer.spelled "Busch".

3.A woman's hairy cooter.

4.A stupid person. pronounced "Boosh"

5.A place in Australia called "The Bush". Named after a woman who was said to have crabs. Noted for it's dry, arid climate and little chances of getting wet at any time of night. Very dangerous near the trenches; poisonous crabs like the cool breeze, and so make their home there.

6. A little tree that just suffers from being vertically challenged
1. Bush just said "Nukular" again.

2. Here, kid. drink some Busch.

3. Here, hon. drink this, itll put hair on your bush.

4. You stupid freakin boosh.

5. I went into The Bush once. My friends and I got bit and decided to pull out and go home.

6. haha......stupid bush.
by Dylan Sanders April 18, 2008
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Stemming from the previous idiodic President G.W.Bush. It is a word used for anything fugly.
Sandra: How does this dress look on me?
Allie: It looks so bush on you hunie....take it off.
by Alley_Kat January 27, 2009
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Bush is the first president who invaded Iraq without reason. Well, actually for oil.
He is, well, a bush.
by gogolgog May 03, 2011
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1. something resembling or suggesting this, as a thick, shaggy head of hair. Sometimes oily with little white bugs.

2. slang: the intensity and demoralization of the 43rd President of the United States. A form of cursing.
Person A "I'm growing my bush out."
Person B "Must have just started."
Person A "Nope."
Person B "...?"

2. You just lost your home, "Bush."
by Apple Applesause Sause March 12, 2008
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