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Acupuncture is an oriental medicine that has been helping people maintaining their health for centuries in Asian countries including Japan.
To practice acupuncture, acupuncturists use fine needles to stimulate several key points in the body that is called “tsubo” in Japanese. These points (tsubos) were found from hundreds and hundreds of years of practices and experiences. Different points (tsubos) stimulations and their combinations have different effects.
Historically there are several acupunctures known in Japan such as “Ogasawara-ryu” in Edo and “Kiyamachi no Hari” in Kyoto.

Our body has developed since origin of life and in the middle of evolution to maintain our body to survive as possible.
In modern sciences and medicine, it is known that there are homeostasis mechanisms that try to keep our body balanced and consistent. As one result, immune systems might have evolved in animals. We also know that there are massive networks of nerve system in our body.
These fields are under intensive scientific researches and we know and accumulated massive knowledge in last a few centuries. Although we know a lot about homeostasis, immune systems, and nerve systems etc. but we do not know more than we know. In another word, we do NOT know everything and we have plenty of unknowns in nature that's why we are now continuously discovering and exploring the nature in our body and our universe.

One important “goal in medicine is cure people”.
Acupuncture works well with certain diseases. In acupuncture, stimulations in several points (tsubos) in several body parts that could coordinate and stimulate our bodies try to keep balanced and stimulate our homeostatic capabilities.
As the nature of acupuncture that could be assisting body's curing power itself, acupuncture may be more natural but may not be almighty (so as modern medicine). For example, against acute infections, antibody and drug treatments could be more significantly effective, although acupuncture may be able to assist immune system and homeostasis.
However, it may be wise to take advantages of what could be good for people’s health rather than simply deny everything judging from only what we now know.
In future, it is important to find out the mechanisms to fill the gaps between practices and effects what are behind in acupuncture with modern scientific terms that is still lacking or very limited at the moment.
Acupuncture works well with several diseases.
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George W. Bush, the worst president of the USA in the history.

He served as the 43rd president from 2000 till 2008.
His first election in 2000 was controversial.
During his presidency period, the world trade center, twin towers, was attacked and destroyed by terrorism on September 11 2001.
The whole world united with USA against terrorism.
With majority of world supports, USA attacked Afghanistan, a country supported terrorists.

However, Bush, by his own purposes, diversified anti-terrorism to attack Iraq, a country rich with oil but under anti-American and Israel tyranny Hussein, by using several false statements and evidences. Regime of Hussein was terminated soon but the Bush’s Iraqi invasion lead long lasting civil war.

Because of Bush’s Iraqi war, the worldwide supports to the USA turned into worldwide anti-Bush Americanisms.
Bush and his administration were keen with importance of oil as many were involved in oil industry. One major purpose of Bush’s Iraqi invasion was to gain stable oil supply from Iraq but chaos in Iraq interrupted immediate benefits from Iraqi oil.
Before Bush’s Iraqi war, OPEC controlled oil price by controlling oil productions, but during Bush presidency period oil prices became controlled by oil industries. Sharply raised oil prices during Bush period lead inflation in America that caused most American people’s salary devaluation. Only one single appealing policy Bush had was a tax return. However, returned taxes to American people might be absorbed by oil.
Because of Bush’s Iraqi war USA got enormous amounts of debts to China and other countries. American is more or less like keeping life style by borrowing huge amount of money while almost bankrupting

The USA was respected by the world before Bush. Because of Bush, USA lost international respects as a leader of the world not only Bush made huge debts to other countries.
The 43rd President Bush harmed this great nation so badly that imposed great deal of tasks to following presidents to recover from damages caused by Bush.
Bush, what harms you made to this great nation!
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Bush by the name of God allowed so many innocent Iraqi citizens as well as American soldiers to be killed.
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Shinkyu and Hari mean acupuncture in Japanese. Please see details in acupuncture.
Shinkyu works well with many diseases.
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In this definition I only describe hari as Japanese synonymous word for acupuncture. Hari means fine needle. Please see details in acupuncture.
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Harvard is perhaps the most prestigious University in the USA. The University was founded in 1636 in Cambridge Massachusetts, way before the USA became independent from Britain. The name came after John Harvard, a young minister, a graduate of Cambridge, England, who upon his death left library and estate to support the early time of University.

Before 20th century, European countries dominated the world and finest Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford were found in Europe.
However, because of World War I and II, European countries lost world power and the power shifted to the USA. Political and economic power shifts also made opportunity for American Universities to set the highest standards.

Harvard is like a huge cooperation or enterprise, investing in stocks, lands, not only investments in educations. Harvard's strong power is perhaps its prestigious name and also enormous financial power that could recruit the already established best star scholars in the world to be Harvard professors. Average assistant and associate professors are high standards in their levels. However, the presence of several, but not all, star professors at Harvard is making Harvard almost incomparable unique University.
In addition, Harvard-MIT, both located in Boston, perhaps two top Universities, have exchange programs that add more opportunities.
Learning from top professors naturally gives opportunities to students to stand in the front positions in the world in their fields.
You know, most of the star professors at Harvard are not necessarily graduates of these schools.
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Iwo Jima (Iojima) is a small volcanic Japanese island located about 660 miles south of Tokyo. Because of flying distance to Tokyo, Iwo Jima was strategically important during World War II. The scene of hoisting American flag on the top of Iwo Jima became a symbol of American soldiers.
Clint Eastwood made a movie from the angle of Japanese soldiers at the battle of Iwo Jima.
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