1. A family with greater ties to Osama Bin Laden than Saddam.
2. Some of the worst people, not to mention presidents, in history.
3. A falmily with a history of business deals with the Nazis(that's right the fucking Nazis)
4. Evil.
by Sausage Mahoney December 20, 2003
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Short for "George W. Bush" American scum. The capitalist christian bitch. loved by some hated by more the anti bush

worst president ever!
Comrade 1: So are you anti-bush?
Comrade 2: Yes of course i hate George Bush but my teacher sais he respects his decisions
Comrade 1: what is your teacher smocking LOL
by ashz0r January 09, 2006
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The dumpest president in the US history.Who is closely related to a species known as chimp and eats bananas.Hence if you own a chimp as a pet you can name it G.Bush.
Bush dont pick your nose.
by Alex. February 15, 2005
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1) Alcoholic Bible-Thumping Megalomaniacal Skull-and-Bones Society member and stupidass Redneck who after being installed by the Supreme Court in a travesty of democracy, and inspired by a clearly psychotic idea that God told him to start Armageddon, ordered 9/11 so that his cabal could take absolute power over a pussilanimous public, thus destroying the American Republic in a few short years during the early part of the 21st century - all without ever having the balls to publicly admit he was a Dictator worse than Saddam Hussein.
2) Slang term for a hairy pussy.
1) Lord Emperor Bush was the destroyer of freedom and liberty my six-year-old American children, now GET BACK TO WORK MAKING CLOTHES FOR THE UBERMENSCH!
by The Dragon October 17, 2004
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pubic hair or george bush. all three are completely synonymous.
Look its bush!
pubic hair or george bush?
i cant tell.
by Some1Smart January 12, 2005
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1989-1993 The President of the United States.
1993-2001 A British "grunge" rock band that sounded exactly like Nirvana.
2001- The President of the United States.
1992 - Bush lost the election to Clinton.
1995 - Why are you still talking about Bush? He left office years ago! Oh, you mean some Neo-Grunge band from the UK.
2004 - A new album by Bush? No, the President is not making any new albums.
by None Given December 02, 2004
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