Getting somewhere fast - so fast your like as if your on fire - very similar to doing a legger
"Judge Judy starts in 5 mins"
"Right i'll do a burner home"
by Story Bud November 20, 2013
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Dirty Hippy who has mooched money so that they could join their dirty hippy friends in the least hospitable place in the country, the high desert of Nevada.
The group of burners were preceeded by their pack of lice and vile odor.
by alphahooker November 23, 2004
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a gun, a .38 gun, .44 gun any kind of gun
cuz man u betta be koo 4 i up da burner on yo ratchet ass

ima up da burner on dat bitch
by montana July 18, 2008
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a person that usually has an STD such as "The Die Slow" aka HIV and is willing to pass it on to people knowing that he or she has it just for laughs amongst close friends.
bball player 1: hey that blonde girl with the bangs is pretty cute.

bball player 2: No bruh, shes a burner!! she already burned two people on our team low key.

bball player 2: good looking man. dont wanna get that fire breath..... gross
by YoungBurner925 December 14, 2010
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Someone who has herpes
i was bout to go down on her but that bitch was a burner!
by Frankstyla April 24, 2003
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a person who burns themselves as a result of getting rid of depression or stress or very emotional feelings. Its a type of self-injury. Self injury is actually a coping mechanism used to deal with powerful negative feelings and prevent suicide.
I was a burner.
by Sadistic Beauty January 22, 2004
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