a burner is a gun but in jail a burner is a razor which in jail is defined as a gun and a larger piece of metal is a banger.
shorty gets props cause he is known to pull out a burner and duff a nigger out giving out buckfiftys for rec (recreation)
by Big C March 10, 2005
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the lit part of a spliff, weed joints have a red burner, coke spliffs have a black burner
"im so fucked up, i smoked myself a spliff" what color was the burner? "black" that was coke u dumb fuck.
by Kansas April 08, 2005
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when you stick a knife in a person's asshole for sexual pleasure. then you lick the shit off the knife.then inserts it into the penis and makes it come out the ass.
by big dick April 22, 2005
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A throwaway prepaid cellphone, typically used by dealers. Used until the minutes are up, then thrown away so they cannot be tapped.
by Jay October 11, 2004
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pay-as-you-go cell phones; a disposable phone.
Yo, I got a new burner when I went to the sto' to get some Nehi grape.
by StringerBell October 19, 2004
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