A song that was hot when if first came out and is still hot after a long period of time.
That song "Big Pimpin" by JAY-Z is a real burner.
by kamkonkon July 01, 2017
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A man who is used by a women for emotional or financial gain and receives nothing in return. This is not referring to a friendship or a relationship, but a man who is clearly below the women and is being used.
Did you hear that Christine got a new burner? He's already bought her lunch twice.
by ShaggyNobwell February 23, 2017
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a gun, a .38 gun, .44 gun any kind of gun
cuz man u betta be koo 4 i up da burner on yo ratchet ass

ima up da burner on dat bitch
by myz.gucci montana July 17, 2008
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A derogatory term for the people who attend the Burning Man event. It mainly refers to the cliquish almost cult-like aspect of the event itself. The event is supposed to be about freedom of expression and acceptance of all. Sadly to many "participants" of the event this means "We accept everybody as long as you are just like us! This is mostly observed on social websites like The Burning Man Corporations own website "e-playa" or on sites like Tribe.net where cliques form tribes with names like "burning man a**holier than thou" to attack anybody outside of their cliques. .

"I asked a simple question on Tribe.net but was attacked by the so-called "Burners" because I was not a member of their little clique
by Zero4Life January 29, 2009
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