A song that was hot when if first came out and is still hot after a long period of time.
That song "Big Pimpin" by JAY-Z is a real burner.
by kamkonkon July 01, 2017
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A man who is used by a women for emotional or financial gain and receives nothing in return. This is not referring to a friendship or a relationship, but a man who is clearly below the women and is being used.
Did you hear that Christine got a new burner? He's already bought her lunch twice.
by ShaggyNobwell February 23, 2017
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a gun, a .38 gun, .44 gun any kind of gun
cuz man u betta be koo 4 i up da burner on yo ratchet ass

ima up da burner on dat bitch
by myz.gucci montana July 17, 2008
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when a person runs so fast there legs should be on fire from how fast they are running
Guy One: "Damn Tommy is running faster then that car"
Guy two: " yea i heard Tommy got burners "
by TommyThe4th July 09, 2009
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