My 44 make sure all yo' kids don't grow!
by nokianinja October 7, 2002
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An angel number that has a different meaning for everyone. At the moment its seen, an awareness of one's life and experiences is important. From protection to--work harder, the universe is always sending you a sign.
by GENTHEGOD October 15, 2020
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You've had a very long hard journey. Please, 44.
by H0peful57 April 18, 2022
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also known as acres homes, a notorious area of Houston on the NW side.
im from that 44
by Anonymous November 6, 2003
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A sexual maneuver during which someone stands so that they are facing a woman's profile (side view) and stick four fingers from one hand in her ass and at the same time four fingers from the other hand in her pussy.

>?< in that diagram the question mark is the girl and each arrow represents a hand- one in her ass and one in her pussy
Guy: Let's bang.
Girl: But I want vaginal and anal at the same time and you're the only guy here.
Guy: Its ok. I'll give you 44.
by Welin Dowd August 5, 2012
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ghetto area of north west houston, texas. named 44 becuz the Metro 44 express is the bus route there
dats the crazy nigga from 44 acres
by willie j August 26, 2005
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Code used by Farmatodo employees to refer to a cute person
-Did you see that guy?
- 44
by Hmmmmm44 May 1, 2021
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