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(noun)A word used instead of money, dollars or mulah. Bunts is rhyming slang derived from a David Brent quote'Bunsen burner, nice little earner' while stroking finger against thumb!
Often confused with bonce if one has picks!!!
Kevin said after describing his new money making plan to his friend 'Just think of the bunts!!!
by Str8bian January 10, 2006
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Noun - A combination of the words 'belly' and 'cunt'. A grotesquely bulbouse area below a womans belly button and above her vagina opening. When wearing pants, the area appears to resemble a blowfish. This woman is usually considered unfuckable.
"I bet that fat chick can't even see her own pussy with that huge bunt in the way."
by JimmiDigital January 26, 2003
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When a girl undoes her own bra to help a guy advance to second base.
I needed to score, but was going to be stranded at first base, until she bunted. Thank goodness, because the defense wasn't giving up any hits.
by never hit a double June 26, 2010
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Bunts are commonly seen on substitute teachers and on mothers with many children. Is congenital.
by Andrew "bunnilingus" Morrow October 29, 2003
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When a guy takes his cock and whacks it against a girls tits extremely hard such that makes little red marks on her tits. An expert bunter can make little patterns on the girls tits such as checkers or tic-tac-toe
"Dude, I totally bunted her last night."

"How was it"

"Well, she didnt support the Jewish Nose design on her tits"
by S.P. ermin hermin G. October 26, 2011
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Dating back to the the early 1990's in East Berlin, meaning woman, in a sexually derogative way. Today the word is used to describe fit women through a plural meaning.
"The club is packed with fit bunt!"

"I'd love to get bunt like that."
by Viv J March 19, 2006
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