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Pube chilli is the result of a hard night of drinking and less than desirable women. When one drinks to intoxication as well as proceeds to munch on a vagina and one throws up in the vagina, one makes pube chilli.
Dude I got romped at the bar last night and then threw up in this bitches vag while I was tongue punching her pee hole. I made some tasty pube chilli.
by Zultar March 24, 2011
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The word “bunt” is composed from two words being “cunt” and “belly”. A bunt is when a female of larger weight bears a vagina that is stretched and menuevered to a position that makes it appear as if it were on there belly. This usually occurs after the person of larger weight has birth.
“Yo lol man, that fat bitch has a bunt
“Bro, she’s gonna suffocate you with her bunt”
by Zultar March 3, 2019
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