59 definitions by cazort

Derogatory form of Taco Bell. Refers to the fact that the company uses low-quality ingredients and has been found using non-food-grade, genetically-engineered corn in its tortillas.
Look, a taco hell! I'm glad I'm not eating there...
by cazort August 27, 2003
A fairly common jazz chord that happens to be pronounced similarly to the familiar religious figure, Jesus.
Is that a G-sus chord in the third bar?
by cazort September 16, 2003
Someone who screws up cuddling by trying to push for sexual activity when all you want to do is cuddle.
You cuddlefuck! Get away from me!
by cazort August 27, 2003
Large uffleumps, typically eight times the size of uffleumps. They have a tough skin and move quickly in a bouncing motion. Many species of giant uffleumps are carnivorous and can be quite dangerous.
Oh no, it's a giant uffleump! Get out of the way!
by cazort August 27, 2003
The king of hearts, because we all know he's not stabbing himself in the head, but rather, just cutting his hair with his sword.
I would have been able to shoot the moon if I had just had the barber king in my hand.
by cazort November 13, 2003
A derogatory term used to refer to a dragon while expressing irritation or frustration.
That god-damned driggin, it ate all my goats!
by cazort August 27, 2003