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A suburb of Cleveland that is 1/6th underwater, Lakewood is the queer capital of the country. Like, really. Lakewood is the gayest place in the USA.

Lakewood is also a great place to raise a family. With a new elementary school popping up every 2 seconds and a highschool that has been under construction for the past 13 years, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tax dollars and your child's critical learning years are not being wasted.

Despite having one of the highest concentrations of LGBTQ+ people in the USA, there is a church on every fucking corner. Every Saturday there are people outside of Chipotle who will hand you and your obviously Jewish or Muslim friends pamphlets on why you need Jesus in your life. You better be inside when it turns noon, or you will be hit with the wrath of 10,000 church bells screaming into the open sky.

Lakewood has a major railway running through the middle of it so atleast once in your residency you will be late to work or school because a mile long train barreled through town at 7:30 am.

Overall, Lakewood is a pretty cool town. It's gay as fuck but also religious as fuck but also nothing as fuck but also everything as fuck.
Lakewood is the gayest city in the USA.
by Sparkling Moon Flyers July 05, 2017
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A burb just west of Denver. Sits under the base of the Rocky Mountains. A great place to live and be from!
Lakewood, Colorado a great place to call your hometown!
by d0c August 12, 2006
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A small town in New Jersey where about 8 million Hasidic jews currently reside.
while driving, we have to dodge people in the streets of lakewood
by Sherry January 02, 2005
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Suburb in Southern California, adjacent to Long Beach.

Was developed after World War II and rapidly grew with cheap homes made even cheaper to families under the GI Bill. A larger development than Levittown, Lakewood was also the first planned city to have a shopping mall at its center.

Gained notoriety with the Spur Posse scandal in the early 1990s.
Lakewood-Tommorow's City Today (actual slogan)
by Evan G. August 10, 2004
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Small suburb in Southern California. Borders with the ghetto long beach. This place is filled with gangsters and drug addicts. All of the parks in this town are claimed territories. I you find yourself walking around here at night you should hurry and get inside before you get shot. Lakewood is overly priced. For some reason people like to hang out in the town. People from long beach cross the border just to be in "the wood". This city is like a black hole. Once you're in it it's hard to get out. It sucks you into its missery and drunkerdness. Needless to say, if you come to Lakewood, don't expect to be leaving anytime soon.
Once you step foot in the lkwd, you will forever be here, high off weed.

"Everyone in Lakewood is such a punk."

"Nah, they're just always drunk."
by LakewoodLurkin October 23, 2013
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Lakewood is the fifteenth largest city in Washington and the second largest in Pierce County with approximately 60,000 residents and eleven hundred businesses. Lakewood is surrounded by the beautiful lakes and scenery of northwest Washington including bountiful views of Mt. Rainier. It is home to sixty thousand residents and nearly eleven hundred businesses. Lakewood is just minutes away from Puget Sound and a short drive to Seattle and the Sea-Tac International Airport. It's neighbors include the major military installations of McChord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis as well as the Washington National Guard's State headquarters at Camp Murray. Lakewood is home to many popular tourist attractions, including the Grand Prix Raceway, Lakewold Gardens, Thornewood Castle, Fort Steilacoom Park, American Lake Park and Lakewood Game Refuge. And with great educational opportunities, a strong business district, and numerous recreational opportunities, Lakewood is the place to be!

Originally settled in 1849 by the United States Army, Lakewood matured over the twentieth century into a bustling urban area south of Tacoma and incorporated in 1996.
I live in Lakewood, WA.
by Sillyna511 January 02, 2009
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number one, gayest city. it beats LA, trust me.
if you drop ur keys in Lakewood, kick them until you get to Cleveland.
by Pat O'Malley March 20, 2004
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