A block of time in which a significant amount of work has been completed. Used mainly by hydro one forestry workers
Want to do another bunt, then take break?

That was a pretty good bunt, George.

Man, we just bunted hard. Let's have a fiver.
by Bellows September 2, 2021
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The word “bunt” is composed from two words being “cunt” and “belly”. A bunt is when a female of larger weight bears a vagina that is stretched and menuevered to a position that makes it appear as if it were on there belly. This usually occurs after the person of larger weight has birth.
“Yo lol man, that fat bitch has a bunt
“Bro, she’s gonna suffocate you with her bunt”
by Zultar March 3, 2019
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When a guy takes his cock and whacks it against a girls tits extremely hard such that makes little red marks on her tits. An expert bunter can make little patterns on the girls tits such as checkers or tic-tac-toe
"Dude, I totally bunted her last night."

"How was it"

"Well, she didnt support the Jewish Nose design on her tits"
by S.P. ermin hermin G. October 26, 2011
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A boy's cunt; another word to describe a bussy (a boy pussy).
Dude, I fucked Bryan's bunt so hard last night, he couldn't walk the next day!
by collectmms January 22, 2021
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The area just above the vagina when it sticks out as far as the but. (But and cunt combined) Larger than a gunt (gut and cunt combined)which is the same but not as pronounced.
She is sporting a mean bunt. Her cunt sticks out as far as her ass does. She has a bunt.
by Scott Boyer June 28, 2005
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A combination of the words “boy” and “cunt”. A “Bussy” is the same thing as a “bunt
Jerry’s bunt was very lose from years of pounding
by xgladegarx October 19, 2020
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In baseball, an purposely weak hit. There are two types of bunts:

Sacrifice (sac) bunt: The sac bunt is designed to move baserunners over to the next base. Doing so requires the fielders to throw the batter out at first base. A suicide squeeze is a sacrifice bunt designed to score a runner.

Bunt for a base hit: This bunt has no real name. It is a bunt designed to cross up the fielders and allow the batter to reach first base safely. A drag bunt is pulled down the baseline.
Rivas bunted Stewart over to third base, butting him in scoring position with only one out.
by Diggity Monkeez March 14, 2005
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