To be sad and negative, bringing down the mood of those around you.
"Why is Jimmy bummin? Oh now I'm bummin... weekend ruined."
by WWEEAAKKK February 13, 2008
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(Verb) To hang around aimlessly in a state of total relaxation.
Susie: How come John's never out?
Max: He's always just bummin around his house, loser.
by JOJOma March 12, 2006
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Asking for something with no expectation of paying for it.
Bummin is not the same as begging. Begging is often done from desperation while bummin is just asking on an urge.
He be bummin cigarettes from folks.
by chas November 24, 2003
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Random, but not in a deliberate manner. Occasionally, an obscene amount of bummin can be classified as dominant.
Check out the bummin dude with the hawaiian shirt and the cowboy boots.
by N. Papagiorgio July 17, 2006
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To be dissapointed in something that is sad.
I am really bummin about dropping Gabi back at her house for the night.

Gabi's bummin that we didn't even get to talk.
by DJ Podzilla January 16, 2011
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