trying to do something or imitate someone or something, but not very good
raj: why you beggin for?


damien: psshh jhene is so beggin ma style
by FlyBeanuk January 13, 2006
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Someone who wants something from someone else. Usually sexual
by t-money bunny December 18, 2002
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When you beg, plead, and hope that you do or don’t have to do something, right at the start of what it is you are meant to do.
“He was beggining right at the start of his shift, I told him to fuck off”
by Unlo February 27, 2018
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begging it means that sum1 is sucking up 2 sum1 else so they are begging it
tim " my cock is dirty"
chris " dont worry tim, il clean it "
this is beggin it
by _ownage_ June 20, 2006
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She commented on all my pics telling me how fit I am, she is definitely beggin it!
by ObviousFake October 21, 2009
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Her ass is beggin'
by Daniel February 10, 2004
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when your girl says you want a beggin strip and you think shes talking to the dog but pulls out a dick instead
are you gonna beg for a beggin strips
by darkoathangel February 27, 2020
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