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Relatives. Can refer to just parents or entire immediate family; sometimes even to extended family. Most commonly heard in the Southern and Midwestern heartland of the U.S.
So are your folks coming over for Easter, or are you gonna go visit them?
by T-Ro April 16, 2006
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Folk- Derivitive of Folk Nation, meaning Follow Our Lord King in reference to Larry Hoover, David Barksdale, or King Shorty. Folk Nation being a gang Crips pull heavily on in terms of knowledge and signs. There are several different sets underneath the Nation including Gangster Disciples and King Cobras.
FUBU- Folks Up Bkloodz Under
by 6Poppin November 25, 2004
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an alliance of many gangs. they are aligned against the people gang alliance. they rep the pitchfork and the 6 point star and usually wear black, white and sometimes blue.
Folks ride people die.
Are you down with the Folks?
Gangster Disciples claim Folks.
by Insane Sony March 09, 2004
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In Britain, a long-standing musical tradition spanning hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

Folk music can involve many types of instrument - stereotypically violin, melodion / piano accordion, penny whistle, bodhrans (lap-drums played with a double-ended beater) and bagpipes (not loud Highland bagpipes, but quieter Irish and lowland types). Other common folk instruments include the washboard (played with thimbles), harp, hammer dulcimer, cello, double bass and acoustic guitar.

Folk has traditionally been played only in the back rooms of pubs / bars (these gatherings are called "sessions"), in folk clubs or in a great many small folk festivals held yearly across the UK. However, folk music has become much more popular recently and "new wave" folk artists (as opposed to traditional folk artists) are now playing big concerts.

New wave folk artists include Seth Lakeman, Kate Rusby, Eliza Carthy and Bellowhead.

Old-school traditional folk artists include The Chieftains, The Dubliners, The Pogues and the Waterson & Carthy Family.
Folkie: Hey, do you want to come down to the folk club tonight? Spiers and Boden are playing - they're totally crazy. I caught them at Beverley folk festival last summer.

Folkie 2: Yay, folk for teh win!

Normal person: Freaks
by Heckzecutive June 26, 2007
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Dem real niggaz from the hood that claim GD and stay tru to their shit
Ay I'm bout to go get folks to handle these niggaz I'm beefing with around tha corner
by Lil Rome November 12, 2003
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A Gangster Nation formed under the 6 point star of David. reps the pitchforks up the cane down the sword down the 3 point crown up the 5 point crown down. we hate Vicci Lous,Bumblebeez, MuMus, slobs, piss stones, and everybody that reps the jive we also hate crips that try to rep the 6 and the pitchfork they are fake as hell. our colors are Black, White, Grey, and Babyblue but not dark blue that is in fact a crip color we dont disrespect until disrespected and real Folks only fight when we have to but we have to alot.
6 in the sky jive gonna die, Folks dont die we multiply!!!!!!6 up
by Chucky T December 08, 2004
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