Relatives. Can refer to just parents or entire immediate family; sometimes even to extended family. Most commonly heard in the Southern and Midwestern heartland of the U.S.
So are your folks coming over for Easter, or are you gonna go visit them?
by T-Ro April 17, 2006
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a greeting of a friend or some one ur cool with
ay whatup folks
by ashley June 16, 2004
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an alliance of many gangs. they are aligned against the people gang alliance. they rep the pitchfork and the 6 point star and usually wear black, white and sometimes blue.
Folks ride people die.
Are you down with the Folks?
Gangster Disciples claim Folks.
by Insane Sony March 9, 2004
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A nation under the 6 point star of David, reps the pitchforks and swords and canes going down. The arch rival of people nation sets. Folks consist of GD, BD, LRZ,MLD, IGD, and others. colors are Black, White, Grey, and Baby Blue, not to be confused with dark blue which crips wear.
how can someone hurt my folks when they are close to me?
by Chucky T September 22, 2004
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p. noun: People, not necessarily related, to whom you are close.
"I didn't know you and T-Roy were folks."

"The Bwoys? They're my folks since back in the day."
by Boomer December 15, 1999
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your peps or people aka friends
thats my folks or thems my folk
by dennisb July 14, 2005
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