Gabi is an amazing best friend. She is tough but awesome, and she is really pretty. She loves being unique and would make a great girlfriend. She looooooves photography. And she loves just doing spontaneous stuff.
by Gabiisbae October 28, 2014
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The most beautiful girl you will ever find. She is amazing in every possible way. She plays at least two sports usaully, if you ever get a Gabi keep her for as long as you can!
Gabi is a hot girl!
by J-dog28 October 19, 2017
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A girl who, if you were to possibly describe her, is amazing, beautiful, funny, has the most gorgeous smile and most beautiful eyes, is pretty much the definition of perfection in anyones eyes that deserves to be treated like she is the most important person on the face of this earth. Is also easily loveable and without a doubt the most cutest person you could ever meet
Guy 1: I know a Gabi

Guy 2: wow, you're so lucky
by mashonictimblr July 1, 2011
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Gabi is a beautiful, amazing, and smart girl, who is also a powerful girl. She is an Angel sent by god himself, and also a bad bitch that you don't want to mess with. She is a girl that would be great to be on the good side of, but would suck to be on her bad side so be careful. If you are lucky enough to experience a Gabi in your life, I wouldn't let her go easily. Fight for her because she is worth it.
Jake: Gabi is so rude.
Me: Bro shut the hell up, Gabi is amazing as fuck.
by YourMomLovesABartender March 31, 2021
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A very attractive girl. She can be a bitch sometimes but at the end you know you love her.
she plays volleyball. But her passion is soccer. She has the best boyfriend ever.

I don't think she's gonna change that.She loves to party, I think she's a vampire!

she sleeps for a long time and loves food. She's the jealous type of girl

because she cares. She has very good friends and loves to spend time with them. Although

she can trust many of the fake bitches that's why she picks carefully. She can also sometimes

be a 2 faced girl but she's never afraid to say it to someone's face! But that is my best friend GABI!
Jack : Who is that girl? she's a really good soccer player!
Jessy : That Is My Cousin Gabi!
Jack : She's Cute. I'm Going to talk to her.
Jessy : good Luck She Has A Bf!
by Blue_Bubbles June 21, 2013
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She is a funny girl who falls for boys she can't have,and then she cries. When she sees her crush she always thinks about how cute they are. She thinks about them alot and thinks she will be single forever but she is picky about who she likes even though she has liked alot of boys.
She is so obsessed with him that must be Gabi
by G2_❤️ ca9909 October 22, 2019
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Gabi is a very beautiful girl, she's always there for you when you need a friend because no one else likes you. Be sure to handle her with love and respect for she is as fragile as Grandmas Ash Vase and breaking her will only cause harm. If you can get past her over usage of emojis then you'll find her as I do. She has a lot of great jokes in store, and talking to her will make you happy.
You: "Yo, see that girl Gabi?"
Friend: "Yeah man, what about her?"
You: "There's just something so beautiful about her."
by MalachiteBoxer November 30, 2018
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