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1. the title given to someone high on the corporate ladder, in a position of authority, etc. who is also a douchebag.

2. a person who is not necessarily in authority over another but who is just a huge douchebag, i.e. on the scale of all douchebags instead of just on one ladder
Example 1: Jimmy is the arch douche of the accounting department.

Example 2: That guy is the fuckin' Arch Douche.
by grlwholvd January 26, 2011

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a person who is clumsy, out of it, etc. but also manages to be adoreable.
Neville Longbottom is so bumbly--I just want to give him a hug!
by grlwholvd December 12, 2008

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a play on the actual disorder ADD; used to describe someone who is desperate for attention to a point that it could probably be diagnosed by a doctor.
X: Did you hear that Alison is pregnant?
Y: I wouldn't believe it; she's got attention desperate disorder (ADD).
by grlwholvd June 20, 2010

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exclamation; what you say when you spill something that can be cleaned by the popular ShamWow towel.
Wife: Honey, I just spilled red wine all over the new carpets! We'll have to get them replaced...

Husband: Damn-Wow!
by grlwholvd April 21, 2009

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adjective. originted in Peoria, Illinois. a combination of the words "unique" and "spontaneous"; hence, meaning someone who is unique and spontaneous.
Jason: Wow. That new kid Nick is wearing purple skinny jeans and a headband, and his locker has pictures of pregnant goldfish in it.

Austin: Yeah, he's pretty goddam euphoneus.
by grlwholvd April 12, 2009

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when you friend someone on facebook whom you've recently met, i.e. a coworker or classmate, and all their friends decide to friend you, even if you have never met them/have no idea who they are.
John: I friended that new kid Chris from our Economics class on FB, and now all his friends from his old school are friending me.

Justin: Yeah, they're pulling the 'fbriends of fbriends' card.
by grlwholvd August 26, 2009

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the sounds heard in a call/voicemail when someone butt dials you. can be jumbled voices or just random pocket noises, depending on the phone's surroundings.
Gary: "Hey, did you call me earlier?"
Scott: "No, why?"
Gary: "Didn't think so. Only heard butt whispers."
by grlwholvd February 14, 2011

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