A wannabe high class Version of Tinder consisting of an unusually high percentage of "hot chicks". Which appears at first, satisfactory since the female must start conversation with the male (weeding out the guys at home who try to beat their friends "most masterbation in a day record"). Inevitably, it turns into another waste of time since there's about a 1/15 chance of ever meeting the girls. Girls which love to give out their numbers and text you pointless shit that you can hear from any high school hallway.
Bill: dude, how's that new bumble app?
Lance: Bill, I got like 5 numbers in a week and know 24 different girls favorite colors!
Bill: nice! You get any tail??
Lance: nah, ghosted buy 12, 6 ended up being Trannys and the other 6 just keep texting me but never wanna meet up
by Joe Balls April 18, 2016
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Like Tinder but better. Largely filled with white people, like Chad, Brad, Jad, and Tad.

Most are some sort of CEO, co founder or entrepreneur and the rest are finance bros. Everyone is a “world traveler,” after visiting a mind blowing 10 countries!

Less weirdos than Tinder but more douches in exchange.
Claire: I’m going on a Bumble date tonight with a tech entrepreneur. So excited.
Lea: But is it a company of 1 employee/himself? Maybe I should update mine to “Founder of Self”
by TooBusyNexting November 22, 2018
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A dating app for Karens who aren't hot enough for Tinder.
She signed up for Bumble because she never got matched on Tinder. Used her Bumble profile to badmouth all the guys on Tinder for not wanting her.
by OG Richie C August 25, 2021
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The reason there ain't no hot chicks at the mall no more
All them feminst bitches on bumble be blockin my ass again
by D Flawless April 4, 2019
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Collective noun for a group of klutzes, which is also descriptive. The large number of collective nouns in English is based on a tradition of "terms of venery" or "nouns of assembly" that are specific to certain kinds of animals, and stems from an English hunting tradition of the Late Middle Ages.
"Don't speak to me before coffee! I'm just a bumble of klutzes!" (Words spoken by the character Velocity Elfaerie in her conversations with Daniel Damask, from "The Book of Names" written by Severine Demure.) The former character is describing her every morning dilemma and proceeds to cite a long list of the names of all her personnae, several of whom are 'klutzes.'

"That is to say I am not a morning person. I mean, I'm not really sure who I am yet today, and, it is sure, whoever is in charge cannot possibly have the culture under control."

A fascinating account which adds a neologism to the lexicon of collective nouns, a 'bumble' of klutzes.
by A. D'Venture December 24, 2013
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To take a look at something which might be funny oir worth while
Man 1: Dude did you see tha guy? he got knocked the fuck out!!
Man 2: Lets take a bumble!
by PIMP Bizzy December 21, 2006
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An auxiliary word which replaces any other you don't care to use at the time. To be deployed at will.


As Adjective: Bumble: Aggressive
As verb: Be bumbled: Be trollied
As noun: Bumble: Trouble
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin July 27, 2010
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