Phan is the ship name of two British youtubers: Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil). Almost every person who sees Dan and Phil ship phan. Even Phan ships Phan. Phan is also known for ruining lives. Although Dan and Phil say they are not in a relationship, 99 percent of the world believes they are and that phan is real.
Me: Phan has taken over my life, Dan and Phil are just too perfect together. Phan is taking over my life.
by Gonzalo July 1, 2015
the combination of Dan Howell and Phil Lester (danisnotonfire and Amazingphil)
omg Phan is so cute!

I ship Phan so hard
by danisonfire August 14, 2012
The ship name of the 2 youtubers, Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Tyler Oakley ships it so you should too ;)
omg phan

gosh darnit, why is phan so cute
by danhowelldamptowel October 15, 2015
Undiscovered true love
They don't even know they are phan.
by Ap9L3 September 26, 2016
Phan is the extremely popular ship name of Dan Howell(danisnotonfire on youtube) and Phil Lester(AmazingPhil on youtube). People that ship Phan usually refer to themselves as "The Phandom". Members of the phandoms always say we will take over the internet,which we will.We are everywhere!
"OMG!Did you see the new Dan and Phil video?!They so act like Phan is real!"
"Phan is my OTP!I would die for it to be real!!"
by professionalfangirler November 13, 2015
The pairing of two youtubers danisnotonfire and amazingphil (Dan and Phil), usually used in fanfiction.

People who support fan believe that Dan and Phil have romantic feelings for each other, and should be together.
by urbanerrr100 August 13, 2012