a hole that distributes poop that is in between your butt cheeks
by Brittan June 6, 2004
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oh my gosh matthew hull just put his own pecker up his bum hole
by el tit face August 12, 2003
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Bum Holing is the art of sucking up to ones boss.
(Worker 1) What was Myles doing talking to Mark?

(Worker 2) Oh he was just Bum Holing him
by Carp 666 February 4, 2010
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Sloan sticks her tongue in canyons bum bum hole.
by Lady Meg December 26, 2011
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When you expand your rectum and pour milk into your bum hole and add kellogs corn flakes to the mixture
Hayley! Why wasn't you answering your phone last night?

I was busy eating out of Corbyn's bum hole bowl!
by Melitaithegreat March 13, 2020
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