Eggs: Normally refers to chicken eggs.
For breakfast, would you like your bum nuts scrambled or fried?
by Dingo Dave June 10, 2006
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small poos that really hurt and you have to force them. never pleasant. they also make inordinately large splashes.
two guys in toilets:
'oi blud that sounds like your dropping a monster'
'nah mate, its just bum nuts'
by Jack December 7, 2004
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1) shit stuck to your arse hairs.
also called. cling-ons, tag knots, clinkers, dangle berries, arse spiders, winnits etc.

2) an insult commonly used towards those who cant do their job properly.
1) colin: bugger me my arse is itchin'
dave: ur bum nuts playin up again?
colin: yeah, i'll pick 'em out wi' chippin hammer!

2) oi bum nuts u fucked it up again u usless twat!
by buzz December 23, 2003
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Little pieces of poo that are neglected when wiping ones bum.
Mark- "Oi Dave, why are you walkin like that?"
Dave- "Sorry mate, i've got bum nuts!"
Mark- "Wipe yer bloody arse then!!!"
by Danarky May 14, 2003
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What your dog leaves on the patio. Normally firm, well formed stools that bear an uncanny resemblance to walnuts, or pieces of chopped sausage.
"That dog has dropped a pile of bum nuts on the carpet again!"

"Gross! I stepped on a bum nut!"
by Blonefuse July 11, 2008
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Just self diagnosed and yep, there's definitely a bum nut there, swinging in the breeze.
by Only in Hedland October 13, 2020
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