shortened for Douche Bag or Dumb Bitch, Basically the same creature, with douche bag being the masculine form and dumb bitch being the feminine form
That bar was full of nothing but a bunch of DB's.
by Zeppelina August 01, 2007
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Donut boner. An erection obtained while looking at an especially tantalizing donut. It looks so good it gives you an instant hard-on. This phenomenon most commonly occurs while extremely high and at Tim Hortons. Can also be used as a casual term to refer to getting an awkward erection in public.
John popped a DB looking at that hot chick.

That Boston Cream just gave me a mad DB.
by someoneudontknow101 November 16, 2014
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-an acronym that can be used as a general insult for people you don't really like
-dead beat; dick brain; dick butt; ding bat; dirty bastard; dirty bitch; dirt bag; dirt box; douche bag; drew barrymore; drunk bitch; dumb blonde
"That guy was such a db last night!"
"Yeah I know what a loser."
by Mimi915 July 08, 2009
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