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Drunk. Having lost time with no recollection. Creatively blonde.
I really pulled a Toadie this weekend!
by buzz February 9, 2005
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The juice or nectar that flows from the gash of an aroused female homosapien, when left as a straight swath of residue on some object (such as a couch or sheet) that made direct contact with the aforementioned gash.
Damn holmes, after I done crushed Meds in the hiney hine, she drag a big ole snail print across my moms new sectional couch.

Hey Jones, come smell this snail print.
by buzz October 18, 2006
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To embark on a mission seeking women of which you have no emotional tyes or a relationship, upon returning from this mission it will never be spoken of in the presence of anyone who wasn't there. Events taking place usually involve shady women, obsurd amounts of alcohol, and nameless acts during this intoxication.
Last night me and a couple buddies went on a Shade Mission.
by buzz April 4, 2003
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An 80's derogatory term for an obsessive fan of new romantic music or other new wave bands with funny haircuts. Originates from the pop group Spandau Ballet and was heavily used in the Santa Barbara, CA area.
Look at those spandaus listening to Depeche Mode in the quad. Is that guy wearing makeup?
by buzz January 5, 2005
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cumin for a stomp?
by buzz May 27, 2004
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how much stunge ya got mate?
by buzz May 27, 2004
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