slang for birmingham (city in england)
ey yo fam we hittin’ up brum today?
by March 15, 2019
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"Her face is brum as hell."
by J-Bo December 27, 2003
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1. an alcoholic beverage that combines the finished product of fermented starches; commonly known as beer; as well as a liquor distilled from molasses; commonly known as rum; furthermore, the combination of beer and rum is a potent alcoholic beverage that cannot be purchased at any retailer because of the unlimited liability and potential risks; this product should only be mixed by professionals.

2. due to the cross-contamination of alcoholic products this may or may not be legal in your country of residence; before engaging in drinking the defined word, ask a professional if this product is legal to drink without penal sanctions.

3. refer to term "blackout" and/or "hangover" the following morning after consuming this alcoholic beverage to further understand your symptoms
I had no money to buy alcohol; therefore, I stole beer and rum from my parents and wanted to get drunk quicker. In order to do so I mixed the beer and rum together and coined my new cocktail "brum."
by EightWonder April 13, 2011
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a white female, usually associated with the word bitch. the exact opposite of shorty
that girl is a brum, she won't shut her mouth
by muffin April 7, 2004
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"that girl is freakin brum"
"that food was brum"
"it smells brum in here"
by brumness January 21, 2008
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another name for a square edged cartoon van
by herman August 1, 2004
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