This is an especially cruel prank to play on somebody. Though there are few documented instances of somebody performing a brown sock attack, it has happened. Party A defecates into a large sock, preferably a tube sock. After the sock is weighted down with the fecies inside, Party A ties a knot near the secrtion of the sock that is occupied by the fecies. At this point, Party A proceeds to spin the sock around (holding it by the clean side of course) and smacks Party B (who is most likely drunk and/or passed out) across the face.

Though this assault is rarely painful, the ego of Party B will be severely bruised by this most unsanitary of pranks.
Yeah so Bob was being a dick the other day so I decided to give him a brown sock. When he wasn't looking I loaded up one of his tube socks and cracked him across the face with it. Oh the hilarity that ensued.
by Skeeter McDougal October 4, 2005
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doing a gurl up the butt then squeezing her cheeks together pull out ur dick and leave the condom in her ass
i gave dis bitch a brown sock and she smacked me
by robert "muthafuckin"shannon January 25, 2005
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It is the predecessor to the Pink Sock phenomena. When you are being anally annihilated, and your partner pulls out their dick or fingers, or whatever form of anal probe you decide to use, so fast that your intestines actually dingle from your ass. Not to be confused with dingleberries.

The only way to cure a brown sock, is for it to transform into a pink sock. One must turn around and tell their partner to clean their brown sock with their mouth until they are cured and have a nice pretty pink sock.
1: So I was getting ass fucked by Joey the other day and when he finished he pulled out so fast I got a brown sock.
2: Did he fix it for you?
1: Well I turned around furiously and said suck on my brown sock bitch. And he did. So now I have a pink sock like you.

2: I like pink socks, not brown socks.
by BrownSock4life August 23, 2011
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An action taken to increase body heat in which Party A inserts their entire foot into the anus of Party B up to the ankle.
It was a cold night in Denver, so I brown socked Jill.
by Phatdaddy321 December 8, 2007
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The act of pulling your anal canal out of your anus; thus creating a "brown sock". Or in other words, your ass is turned inside out so it is hanging out of your butthole.
"Oh my gosh! You rode that roller coaster so fast that you brown socked!"
by Mr. McQueef June 16, 2011
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a day in which its so hot that you sweat so much it drips down your asscrack and onto your clean white socks, which in turn become brown
man 1: its too hot to work today
man 2: ya its definately a brown sock day
by ribman January 3, 2007
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Pooping into a sock and then hitting one's mother with it. An act originating from backwoods Louisiana. First done by the young and confused Michel Dodging, after becoming frustrated with his mother he performed a bowel movement into a tube sock then proceeded to hit his mother over the head with it.
Dude, I pooped in a sock and hit my mom with it.
by Ewok2ab September 28, 2003
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