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A commercial violator is a person who has a flagrant disregard for the unwritten laws of TV commercials. To elaborate, the general rule is that when you are watching tv with others and a commercial comes on, you are free to tell whatever idiotic story you like, but when the commercial break ends, the story must be completely finished.

A commercial violator tends to have an endless supply of crappy stories about how their day went. This person does not sit down with the group with the intent of watching tv, but rather conveying some sort of story to the group. As the commercial violator begins their story, the keeper of the remote turns down the volume of the tv to be courteous. The situation quickly goes awry as soon as the commercial is over and the end of the story is nowhere in site.

One must avoid watching tv with commercial violators at all cost. However, if you find yourself in posession of the remote and a commercial violator's story is exceeding its alloted time, it is adviseable that you very discreetly turn up the volume on the television set until he/she stops.
person A: Yeah so I was trying to watch mythbusters the other day and my mom was being a total commercial violator. She was telling some crappy story about something funny she saw on C-Span.
person B: God damnit. How was the situation resolved?
person A: It wasn't, she finished her story and I missed half the fucking show. I did not get my Kari Byron dose of the week.
person B: NOT COOL!
by Skeeter McDougal September 28, 2005
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A Conversational Puma is a loud and opportunistic member of a conversation. The "puma" part comes from the person's tendency to "pounce" on you when you are trying to tell a story with loud interjections like "NO WAY" or "I KNOW". Though its debateable whether the conversational puma is truely interested in what you are saying or if he/she is just patronizing you, the story usually ends up being truncated for no other reason than to avoid being loudly interrupted.

This word was recently pioneered on the radio program Loveline by Adam Carolla.
Jesus christ, I hate that Suzy. I can't finish a single sentence with her without her pouncing on me with 'OMG' or something like that. She's such a conversational puma.
by Skeeter McDougal October 4, 2005
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Doo-Doo Vapor is a substance which, although not deadly, is very unpleasant and should be avoided at all costs. Doo-Doo Vapor occurs when somebody has decided to take a shower but also has to take a dump (in a bathroom where the toilet and shower are in the same room).

If this person makes the mistake of taking the dump first, flushes and then gets ready to take a shower, everything seems fine. However, when the shower has started, the steam created by the hot water binds with tiny floating objects referred to in the scientific community as "doo-doo particles". After a few minutes, the person in the shower is now surrounded by air that smells like shit and is breathing it in. A valuable lesson is learned.
Millions of people a year come in contact with Doo-Doo Vapor. If you enter a bathroom that has doo-doo vapor in the air, exit immediately and scorn whoever took a shit and a shower one after the other before you.
by Skeeter McDougal April 28, 2006
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Dark Dude Eating Oriental Delights.

This acronym was on the very funny show Reno 911! on Comedy Central. The episode in question was the homeland security episode in which African American officer Jonesy and an attractive Asian Homeland Security officer are riding in the car. She is quizzing him and asks him what DDEOD stands for to which he replied the above. Needless to say she was not impressed.
Officer Kim: "Ok, whats DDEOD stand for?"
Officer Jones: ".....Dark Dude..Eating Oriental Delights?"
A Few Mins Pass
Officer Jones: "...I love you."
Officer Kim: "Yeah thats not workin.."
by Skeeter McDougal June 23, 2005
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A Cum Trough is a word (albeit a crude one) that describes the indentation found in the mid back area of a woman. Its usually a line that runs down the length of the spine (disappears at the lower back) and is sunken in more than either side of the woman's back. Usually it isn't found in really thin women (usually you just see their actual spine) nor heavyset women (whose backs are usually just doughey and flat). Most men, consciously or not, find this part of the body sexy.

The reason this area is called a Cum Trough is because when engaging in doggy style sex or a facsimile thereof, the man may be so inclined to pull out of the woman and ejaculate on her mid back. Rather than just leaking every which way, the Cum Trough acts as a trench or trough of sorts and causes all the semen to stay in a neat straight line on the woman's back, presumably until she stands up/rolls to either side.
Joe: Yeah dude, my girl is great. Oh and to top it all off, she has a nice little Cum Trough that I got to try out last night.
Bob: Yeah you're lucky, I keep going out with these damn skinny women, they have nothing but spine. Where is a man to deposit his seed, I ask you!
Joe: Face?
Bob: Oh yeah... I'll get back to you on that.
by Skeeter McDougal September 16, 2005
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The satanic church was started in the 60's by Anton LaVey, so logic would follow that he would be able to define a satanist better than Oprah or whoever hosts Dateline or 20/20. A satanist doesn't believe in god or satan. A satanist is an atheist that believes people should be responsible for their actions.

Satanism itself addresses problems it finds with Judeo-Christian beliefs. They find that telling one's children that they should behave correctly not because its the decent thing to do but because some ridiculous land of fire will make their 'afterlife' really shitty is poor parenting.

The reason why satanists are thought of as scary people in black coats that sacrifice goats and abduct children springs from 2 sources. The first is sensationalist media outlets like Oprah and Dateline and 20/20 and all the daytime talk shows.

The second is the real reason why people believe these shows and thats the tendency of Christians to need to find evil where it doesn't exist. Christians themselves tend to be egotistical (because they only follow their faith when convenient) and like to feel more pious and self-righteous by creating an evil boogeyman that doesn't exist so they can blame society's decay on them.
Christian douchebag: Yeah so this little kid has gone missing, its gotta be the Satanists.

Non-idiot: Hmm, or it could be just a regular criminal.

Christian douchebag: No! Satanists ruin everything. Satanists make me ignore my faith by beating the hell out of my wife and sleeping with my secretary! Its okay though, as long as I go to church a lot and tell god I'm sorry for beating up my wife I'm good. Loopholes are great.
by Skeeter McDougal August 10, 2005
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The term Rita Cosby can be assigned to any female who has a deep, throaty voice. The word itself is derived from Rita Cosby, a journalist, once on Fox News, has now moved over to MSNBC and has since then gotten her own show. Rita has an almost frighteningly deep voice that is more characteristic of a man in drag than a woman. Since getting her own show, her low-pitched voice has become one of her trademarks.
Mike:Yeah so what happened with that girl you went home with at the bar last night?
Jon:Well everything was going fine till I got her in my apartment and heard her talk. Shes a total Rita Cosby. I had to check her to see if she was sporting wood. Still boned her though...
by Skeeter McDougal September 29, 2005
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