When you get railed so hard, your rectum sags out of your ass.
David: Is that a pink sock?
Wesley: I'm afraid so...
by hamturkey May 15, 2017
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When your ass, comes out of your ass.
Stop taking pictures, and take me to the hospital, you gave me a pink sock, you mother fucker!!!!
by Lauriston April 29, 2009
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Withdraw so fast (from the back side and often times without lubrication) that what is pulled out looks like a rolled up pink sock. Also known as an inverted starfish.
Dude, the donkey punch didn't knock her out like you said it would; instead she bucked me off so hard that she she gave herself a "pink sock."
by Donkey May 27, 2004
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After anal penetration when the males member or device is removed from the anus the inner anal passageway folds out surrounding the extracted shaft and exposing the inner side of the anus. The pink socks appear's like folds of pink skin hangin out of the asshole. It slightly resembales a pink sock hangin out of the asshole .also known as a pink shit
After i pulled the dildo out her ass she had a pink sock hangin out
by Dan Junker March 31, 2003
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When having anal sex with a partner, the dominant partner rapidly removes his phallus from the submissive partners anus, this action causes the anus and intestine to come out with the phallus, causing the removed intestine to look like a pink sock
When my mom came home, he pulled out to fast and i got the worst pink sock since Elton John and Ron Jeremys bad porno
by OchiruRay March 15, 2011
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During non-lubed anal sex the male pulls out abruptly and savagely, leaving the rectum in question protruding like a rolled up pink sock.
Viv: Damn girl you look sore!
Sally: Yeah that bastard I went home with last night pink socked me, and now my farts sound like a New Year's eve party favor.
by Buck Futz June 07, 2009
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