Michel is an amazing guy everyone likes him but he only likes one person. He is scared to commit but loves talking to the people he likes. He is a joker so dont get to serious with him unless he is serious with you so if you like him be careful cuz he might joke about something you dont want him to, but we all know you’ll still like him. He’s awesome and if you dont like him then ur a disappointment. :)
person1: Hey whos ur crush
person2: Michel
person1: omg what rlly i heard he likes u ask him out
Person2: WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY! Ya we know he is sweet and all but you need to know him for a while for him to commit to that
person1: ok feez sorry
person2 its fine
by tounge__kid April 1, 2020
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best guy in the entire world. no one can compare he has brown hair, blue eyes and definitely someone who would skateboard. Cool guy overall, looks cool on the outside but warm, soft and nice when you get to know him. He’s understanding, caring and would always include you when he sees you alone.
Friend A: I like michel
Friend B: ohhhhhh i think you should definitely confess
Friend A goes to confess
Michel: Im sorry but i dont necessarily feel the some way! I hope we can still be friends

by Gyaru_min May 28, 2022
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A man who is a Michel may call himself Mike or Michael. A Michel is a guy that is sexy.They are also very tricky like an Octopus. Sometimes you have to keep an eye on a Michel, because if you look away he might hide around a corner & jump out when you least expect it,to scare the piss out of you.They cook garlic shrimp better than ANYone

Michels make weird noises when they are happy or have too much bottled up energy. They also can be found yelling at golfers when they drive by a golf course,or doing other very tricky things. Michels also have soft sides:They love their backs being scratched & sometimes want to be held or cuddled-he can have a weak spot for his beautiful and loving girlfriend.They are romantic and passionate & always very exciting in bed-which is why he is hard to get enough of. He keeps his girlfriend happy,&adds to this by calling her Baby, Sexy, Sweety,etc.Michel sightings are so rare, that they are sometimes called a"Totoro"-referring to the forest spirit in Japanese folkore. A Michel may even resemble Totoro when he opens his eyes very wide. Michels are not easy so come by, & deserve love & loyalty
~Example 1

John: Do you need help studying for your test?

M: No, I do not need to study for tests.


M: Because...I'm a MICHEL

John: *gasp* Awwww-Luckyyyy!

~Example 2

Stranger guy: Hey gorgeous-Can I get your number or sumthin?

Alexandra: No.

Stranger guy: Psh-you cold...

Alexandra: I have a boyfriend; and he is a Michel.

Stranger guy: Oh damn! Ma bad, ma bad! *runs off*
by Special Moi February 27, 2010
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Michel is a amazing beautiful girl who's very sweet and fun to be around. No matter how many times people call her the wrong name she continues to smile even on her bad days. If you find yourself a Michel never let her go, you will never find someone like her again.
omg! I wish I was friends with Michel!
by RRDDNMSN January 10, 2018
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The sexiest girl alive with an abnormal talent at gaming with amazing hair and the kindest personality a female could develop<3
Mich: Aw I look weird today
Jess: BITCH U CRAY! You look like a Michel today girl!
Jess: Would so bang ;)<3 even if slut^_^
by SexyBetch January 21, 2013
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He is fucking short, extremely smart, good at everything and very religious, often plays the piano and he is naturally good at tennis
Person 1:Hey bro do u see how many medals i have

Person 2 : dude ur such a michel
by Yes its really me March 16, 2018
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Michelle is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She will always be kind to you. Any man who is lucky enough to have her in his life should be thankful. any man who dumps her is a complete idiot. she will be a loving companion, or a loyal friend. no matter what, always be kind to her, and she will be kind to you.
Michelle is overall amazing. nothing else to it.
by Pineapple_under_the_sea November 21, 2013
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