Meaning - dead. Originating from london, England
Phrase - You're brown bread sun shine.

Translation - Im going to kill you young man.
by Will July 25, 2004
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From the Jack Osbourne sketch of the English TV show 'Bo Selecta'. Meaning brilliant.
Guest: Hey let's do this !
Jack: Woah, that's brown bread!
by Candice August 07, 2004
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to express your feelings of not caring, in relation to another individuals hardships.
1. Noah: here i'm out of petrol would you spare us £10?
Sean: well i guess thats your own brown bread.
by ClaraFloraKavy March 20, 2011
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This is rhyming slang for the word dead. This meaning of dead is used when you are tired/knackered and can not go on etc.
"Alrite pal? Fancy Coming Out on the town tonight?"
"No Thanks, I'm Brown Bread"
by Craig Lewis September 01, 2005
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