Verb: To osbourne something is to brutally maul and/or decapitate something. Named after George Osbourne, Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010, who made a lot of spending cuts.
Wow, that wolverine osbourned that tramp!
by SpeedFreak01 January 15, 2011
The guy who always fucks shit up...
1SGT: Dont be like Osbourne, Osbourne would fuck that shit all up.
by 1SGT February 8, 2005
This is the short form of Osbourn High School in Manassas, VA. For the most part, it's a fairly boring place. Unfortunately, the school is of the shittiest quality and the adminstration is corrupt to the harsh detriment of the students. With many stupid and senile teachers, it's a wonder any students manage to be accepted into college at all. It's a shame so many tax payers pay for their children to be cheated out of an education.
-"Hey do you like your high school?"
-"Nah man, I go to Osbourn."
by osbournsucks February 20, 2016
The best famous-people-family reality show ever. better than all those stupid ones like newlyweds, meet the barkers, til death do us part, or Run's house.
typical show of the osbournes

ozzy: mmmmugghmuuh *BEEP* muummmugghbl
sharon: oh ozzy! your such a *BEEP* *BEEP*
kelly: i'm not on *BEEP* drugs, you people are so *BEEP* *BEEP*
Jack: mum, kelly is SO on *BEEP* drugs, she doesn't have kidney failure like shes *BEEP* saying, she's too *BEEP* young. i'm going off to a *BEEP* awards show now.
by Angelacia May 26, 2007
a real funny/stupid family which makes me laugh whatever they do
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
(verb) To take what would normally be a simple and straightforward task or process and screw it up royally. To mess up an operation which seems like a sure thing. To choke.
The move to Intel chips could be a great thing for the company...provided Apple doesn't osbourne it.
by Mitch Kowalski June 7, 2005
To be so high/drunk/both that it's all you can do to drag your body around like Ozzy Osbourne.
I shouldn't have had those painkillers on top of all that beer. I'm completely Osbourned now.
by Marc GJ May 21, 2004