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John Cena is the hottest wrestler in the WWE at the moment. The WWE's plan to put him over as the next 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin or The Rock backfired as he was pushed down the fans throats and not let to do his own thing.

The fans started to turn ther back on him in the Autumn and ever since he has been hit with major 'booing' from the crowd when he should be getting cheered.

He appeals to the women and the kids and also the 'blind' wrestling fans. The men and boys like myself seem to hate him with a passion because he is more gim.mick than real person.

We all know he is doing his job, but wrestling fans like who they want to like and hate who they want to hate.
John Cena lost the WWE title to a hugh heel and the fans cheered the heel.
by Craig Lewis January 10, 2006

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This is rhyming slang for the word dead. This meaning of dead is used when you are tired/knackered and can not go on etc.
"Alrite pal? Fancy Coming Out on the town tonight?"
"No Thanks, I'm Brown Bread"
by Craig Lewis September 01, 2005

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A simple, yet effective saying meaning to leave.
John:Man, I am well stoned
Dave:Yeah me too man, i think we should TJB it!
by craig lewis March 05, 2004

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a) When someone is talking absolute rubbish
b) They are lying
1: "I shagged this awesome bird lat night"
2: "Shut Up!"
1: "I did!I did!"
2: "Your smoking balls!"
by Craig Lewis November 30, 2004

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