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1. When someone says one thing but means another

2. When someone does something that annoys you or something that is not to your liking
"Olivia said she loved Chris but said she'd sleep with Mike"
"Damn that's so muggy"
by El-Gee July 18, 2017
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Solarpunk is a movement focused on a positive, ecological vision for a future where technology is used for human-centric and ecocentric purposes. It is a literary, artistic and aesthetic sub-genre and is also closely tied to eco-political activism. Solarpunk narratives have a distinctly positive and utopian foundation in contrast to the often dystopian visions found within other "punk" science fiction genres.
Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
by wix99 September 20, 2016
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Used to describe a situation where someone has been made to look a fool or been "mugged off". A person can also be described as muggy if they are responsible for making someone look a mug.
Chris : he's just walked in and stolen my bird. That's well muggy.
Mike: Did he just call me muggy?!
by RandomT July 15, 2017
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(adj.) Used to describe the atmosphere when humidity is high relative to temperature. Nights after humid days tend to be muggy.
The muggy air made even the lightest of sheets awkward to sleep under.
by phantom oddity May 28, 2004
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dull, daft, shitty, crap, pants.

offen used when reffering to mi mates.
newman is so fuckin muggy!
by ashley brooke May 04, 2004
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Muggy is a funny picture that wasn’t really meant to be took of someone and they just look like a retard in it
β€œ Ayyy delete that muggy now it’s terrible of me”
β€œNo I’m saving it for your birthday, I’m gonna post it for your shoutout”
by Don’t know yano November 10, 2019
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