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The act of two heterosexual male friends (bros) engaging in a completely non-gay activity. e.g. soccer, wrestling. The sheer excitement shared between the male friends causes a tingle in the pants (or shorts, depending on activity) down below, which then leads to sexual intercourse.

past tense:broned
1. After a hot game of tennis, chis complimented jeff on his wicked forehand. jeff was so flattered, that he dropped his racket and can of balls, and started broning chris.

2. Instead of an verbally explaining it, kristoph decided that actually inserting his erect penis into Adi was the best way to explain broning!!
by jeffun August 05, 2011
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contrary to popular and idiotic belief, broning is when you do anything that's related to mlp, whether its watching the show, writing stories, listening to songs, or clopping

also said as Broned, or bronied
Bronie: I was broning SO hard last night
non-bronie: you had gay sex?
Bronie: no you fucking moron, I watch mlp, get your damn facts straight you nitwit
by PokemonLover69 April 09, 2015
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Spending a lazy morning with your guy friends (bros) usually after a wild, late, and eventful night.
After that crazy party, my friends and I spend our broning hungover, lying on the couch talking about all the pussy we got the night before.
by thejazzman May 30, 2011
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