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When you come to a broclusion that you have the inability to stop saying bro
i cant stop saying bro,bro. bro i think im broned, bro.
by The Real Dave Strider February 21, 2015
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The art of of killing someone continously on games like rainbow six three and halo and then talking trash to them after you run over there dead body.

The expeirence of dying by someone who you know and trying to shoot them down but can't and therefore you get broned.Mostly appears on FPS games.
Holy shit dude, you got broned!
My mom broned your dad!(rare accasion)
I am broning you like a motherfucker!
by Taylor Gordon December 03, 2004
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when you and a bro are just bro-in out and he takes it a step too far, but all in fun.
Dude T-rav just broned me and I'm sore, but its ok he did it when we were bro-in around.
by IAMTHEBEEKMAN February 22, 2010
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