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A dildo for those who are in favor of vaginas. Instead of a penis shape, the vagildo takes the form of a vagina.
Excuse me sir, may I borrow your vagildo? I am in need of pleasuring myself.
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007

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The male version of a Queef. Physiologically, it is a burst of air which shoots forth from the penis with magnificent force and beauty.
Fapfapfapfap *paaah*
"Daddy, did you just peef in my face?"
"Shut up, junior. You're adopted."
by Dinkmers April 12, 2009

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1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling the imperial domination work of Kefka from Final Fantasy VI.

2. marked by evil clown-like laughter or a desire to fight people while "Dancing Mad" plays in the background.
Why yes, I did feel that the imperial conquest of Adolf Hitler was very Kefkaesque.
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007

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Head given within the parameters of Rhode Island.
"Hey B-rett, did you get any Rhode head when you were in Rhode Island last weekend?"
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007

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Three penises (penii). Caused by a rare genetic disorder. In pornography, this is often implemented to simultaneously pleasure three women (or men, or a combination of both). Will most often result in a trigasm.
"Hey William, how large is your trenis?"
"Do you mean individually or combined?"
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007

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1) To kill a Bro. Biblically, Cain was the first to commit broicide when he slew his Bro Abel.

2) To rackjack a Bro. This method of Broicide is far worse than definition 1.
1) Bro 1: Hey Bro.
Bro 2: Hey Bro.
Bro 1: Whatcha doin with that knife bro?
Bro 2: Oh not much bro. Was just going to murder you is all.
British Detective: Why that's BROICIDE!
Bro 2: Word, brah. *murders bro 1*
British Detective: Everybody dance!

2) Bro 1: I'm gonna have sex with you!
Hot Chick: This is true.
Bro 2: Hey, Bro 1! Look over there!
Bro 1: Whaaa?
Bro 2: Hot Chick, let's have sex!
Hot Chick: *has sex*
Bro 1: Hey, you rackjacked me! Aww, not on the floor! Broicide, man! Broicide!
Bro 2: Sorry, bro! Im a douchebag!
by Dinkmers August 20, 2009

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(adv/adj) Denoting work undertaken by a bro for the good of one's bro without compensation, esp. when that bro needs help moving, a ride to the airport, or even a temporary wingman. Such work is considered just as noble, or perhaps nobler, than other voluntary service.
(adv) I do kinda have something else broing on tonight, but after I rackjacked Ted last night, I feel like I have to throw him a brone and help him hook up with Robin pro brono.

(adj) Might I enlist your pro brono services, gentlemen? This Tijuana prostitute isn't going to bury itself!
by Dinkmers August 20, 2009

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