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1. The emotion a bro feels when he spends too much time without other bros.

2. When a bro gets dissed by his bro-ho and he's all solo.
Ex 1)
Biff: <calls Todd> Hey bro, I'm at this party in the OC and I'm like, the only guy here in a Famous Stars and Straps shirt and a lifted truck. I feel so bronely!

Todd: Ah brah, man...that sucks! You should come back to the 909 and hang with the Skin Industries crew!

Ex 2)

Buffy: <calls Biff> Biff, I found a better bro with a higher lift on his bro-6 F-150. I'm leaving you for him.

Biff: WHAAAAT? You can't leave me Buffy, I'll be bronely!
by Kelly Miret December 01, 2006
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When you are without any bros, and you are only hanging out with the opposite sex. Therefore making you lonely and distant of any bros.
Peter- Look at that kid, he only hangs out with girls
John- Hes either just gay or really bronely
by BuddyBoy12345 January 05, 2012
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