Your wife or your mates wife, or even a wife to be!!
In the local pub after having a few bevys "Fuck me Bute the brides here, " time to go".
by Mr Bute October 27, 2007
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one about to be inprisoned in a life of pain.
My son's bride isn't too lucky.
by Liz January 5, 2004
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hicktown BabyBoomer expression referring to one's (female) beloved, regardless of how long you've been married or living together, regardless of age, regardless of how many offspring. Just a sickeningly sweet reference to how much you're still in love with her.
Me and the bride celebrated our 35th last year.

My bride and I have 5 kids.

The bride sucks me off a coupla times a month.
by Junior January 8, 2004
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“A woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her.” -Ambrose Bierce
My bride and I are both SO excited for our wedding day! A life of happiness lies ahead for the both of us!
by AGoodLad June 16, 2020
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u say my dog is going to be groomed, but what if he wants to be brided? how dare u assume his sexualality
by UrbanMaster November 8, 2017
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combination of the terms bozak & riding, in which a person praises another person too
much to the point where it may be viewed as a gay admiration by others due to the excess
“ i know he’s nice & all, it’s just that u be odee briding that nigga.. pause. he’s human just like u & i, so relax
by sretaw, trebor December 12, 2018
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