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A slang term for beers. Often used by bros. Contrary to popular belief this word can also be used to describe a singular beer.
Yo man, toss me that bierce! I'm only going if they have bierce!
by grammargod2 June 06, 2016
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Abbreviation for “Dude Arguing Online”.

Plural: “DAOs”

Coined by Twitter user @karakittel.
Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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Everyone know Asian pears born after 2001 can’t work all they know is charge they phone, apply to luccis, poop at the nurse, twerk, drink brisk eat hot chip and lie.
I was pooping at the nurse when suddenly BIERCE knocked on the door and yelled, “AYO WHO TAKING A SHIT!”
by Don’tdropthesoap March 28, 2020
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a male who recieves no oral sex from his spouse
timmy bierce
by whyhello1 September 10, 2010
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