The action of beating your wife. Commonly done by wife beaters, and beaters of wife.
I'm 'o beat my wife tonight, cuz I'm all drunk and shit.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003
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"Tell me truly, how often do you pamper your wife?"
"About once every two weeks or so."
"That often? After thirty years? Wow."
by KamalaSutra January 2, 2021
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To physically assault and abuse your wife on a regular basis as a result of your addiction to steriods that causes you to have small nuts; It is preferred if you break other things in the process
He Latshawed his wife right through the front door and then beat her more for breaking the door on her way out.
by ymshdn32 December 5, 2004
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Originally created by a user on WATTPAD named @RyujinIsAMood, re kink your wife happens whenever your wifi Is out and autocorrect lags and instead of saying "re connect your wifi" it changes to "re kink your wife".
Guy 1 - "Damn bro my wifi is out"
Guy 2 - "you should re kink your wife"
by no-oneimportant September 11, 2023
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One man's wife being the sex slave/boxing spar partner of another person (that person probably being a relative)
Husband: What are you doing with my lovely wife who I have great sex with and box on the occasion.

Relative: Your Wife, My Bopper!

Husband: FUUUUCK
by Steve September 18, 2005
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A variant of "whatever floats your boat" or "to each his own," said upon learning another individual's tastes or preferences, implying mild surprise nested within an unwavering ambivalence.
Marissa: "I really love Buffy: the Vampire Slayer"
Eric: "Whatever fucks your wife...."

Mike: "She said that she'd date that creep if he wasn't her roommate."
Tony: "Eh, whatever fucks your wife, man."
by Orionthesnake March 18, 2010
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If you a married to a bitch this is the perfect day for you, so this a day where you can fuck yo bitch all you fucking want and anywhere at any time. Try not to get the bitch pregnant in the process unless you want a tiny little spawn of satan running around your house.
Today is my favorite day I get to fuck my wife anywhere and at any time I want. God, I love national fuck your wife day.
by I eat my kids April 14, 2020
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