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on Ebay, a last minute bidder. They are annoying as you either have to pay 2 pounds more or lose the item
dammit, that 1p CD now costs £3 coz of a sniper
by wonderfool December 03, 2003
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the best time for shopping. prices slashed considerably
fuck xmas shopping. i hate crowds and cant find what i want on ebay. ooh-looks like the post-xmas rush has started
by wonderfool December 21, 2003
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how is cardiff not already in the dictionary?

the capital of wales, home of barfly and cia and river taff and roath park
wow, i fell in love with cardiff the first time is got here. weird looking signs though
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
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adjective. Something very cheap, but still of eatable, usable quality. not just used for produce of tesco, but also for services. for example, a tesco value film would have bad special effects but would still be alright
-mmm tesco value chicken soup

- yeah, it goes well with The tesco value film, THe invisible man
by wonderfool April 02, 2004
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cult japanese game show, voiced over by craig charles. basically, loads of funny challenges that involve people getting hurt or muddy and looking like twats. genius
A)oh shit, there's 3 episodes of takeshi's castle in a row. we'll be up til 1 am
B) we could always not watch it

A and B) nah, that aint gonna happen
by wonderfool December 01, 2003
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An adjective meaning "It describes itself", the meaning of some words describe the word itself, for example:
cool is a cool word
arcane is an arcane word
dull is a dull word
monosyllabilic is not a monosyllabilic word
So cool, arcane and dull are all self-descriptive words
by wonderfool April 07, 2004
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noun. A yay-say is someone who praises, or gives a positive opinion, to something, usually a film. the opposite is nay-say
Are you a yay-say of The Matrix?

-err, no I dont like it

-so your a nay-say
by wonderfool April 02, 2004
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