Someone who is unable to have children, not matter how many times they have sex.
Chavette one: I heard her doon t' road is barren an' wants a sprog. She can have our Darril or Chardonnay two...for a price, like..

Chavette two: Innit!
by Padawan December 10, 2005
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Women not able to produce children or female animals not able to produce young animals.
Nur Sabrina Joe adopted a sprog when she learned that she was a barren bitch.
by Jackie7826 September 14, 2006
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Synonymous with being a piece of shit. Constantly treating women like object for his own gain
Also someone that doesn’t know how to convey their feelings, hence seeming barren
Look at Barren being Barren again! I can’t stand him sometimes.
by Bigchuckky October 21, 2019
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the eternal home of chuck norris in WoW,as well as a hangout spot for twelve year olds. many times, after getting a character out of the barrens, they create a new one, just to go back there.
example of barrens chat

barrens resident 1: hey guys
helpful passerby: yes?
barrens resident 1: THATS WHAT SHE SAID!
barrens resident 2: reported
barrens resident 3:reported for reporting.
by toxicwhirl July 4, 2006
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A male who has only one strand of pubic hair. Usually dominated by females during sexual intercourse, where the females will wear a strap-on.
Jane: How was yesterday night?

Salinah: It was great! I had sex with a barren gee!
by HairyPotter11 September 22, 2013
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1) A infamously vile and crazy place within World of Warcraft, which is the eternal home of Chuck Norris jokes. Commonly caused because of the size of the zone, and the player density of the zone, and also due to the common rumor that the badass players play Horde, leading 12 year olds wanting to be badass, but instead, resulting in this hot mess of immaturity and Chuck Norris jokes.

2) Trade Chat
Leveling Player: Where's Mankrik's Wife?
Barrens Mongrel 1: my bedroom
Barrens Mongrel 2: you fag
Barrens Mongrel 3: reported
Barrens Mongrel 4: reported for reporting
Barrens Mongrel 2: NO U DUMBASS
Leveling Player: where's mankrik's wife plzzzz pst me
Passerby: fucking Barrens chat...
Barrens Mongrel 4: reported
Barrens Mongrel 2: reported for reporting
Barrens Mongrel 5: stfu fatasses, Chuck Norris will knock all your teeth out
Barrens Mongrel 3: stfu
Barrens Mongrel 1: no u
Guild Advertiser: <Trollkicker> is now recruiting! We have 3 bank tabs and a friendly community! pst for invite or more info!
Barrens Mongrel 7: stfu nobody cares about ur guild dumbfuck

etc. etc. etc.
by Trolldestroyer December 23, 2009
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A term used to describe the colorful conversations that ensue when low - level players quest in a large, relatively boring landscape termed 'The Barrens.' Many players find these interactions quite annoying, however others see them as a way to relieve the boredom of running through and endless, creep - filled desert.
The barrens chat was rather lame last night.
by Lafinicus November 8, 2006
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