A person that you have slept with before, or hooked up with previously.
Jayne: Did you end up sleeping with Danny?
Stacey: I made a decision. No new people from now on. Only reruns.


Stacey: Saw James last night. Gotta love a good rerun.

Jayne: Reruns are always good! New people are just hopeless.
by crazystaceyg May 13, 2010
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Someone wears the same clothes back to back.
-Eww...is that the same shirt you had on yesterday!
-Yes, it is get away from me rerun.
by Kayeman Lanez April 20, 2006
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Fred Berry, from the 1970's sitcom "What's Happening!!". It dealt with the mischief of three African-American teens, Raj, Rerun, Dwayne, living in the Watts area of Los Angeles. Rerun was an overweight and cheery character who wore bright colors, was a great dancer, and was often self depricating: "I can't help it if I'm fat! It runs in my family.". Same genre as "Good Times".
As for you, Rerun, get your fat ass up offa that couch and do something!

Quit dancing around like a fool, Rerun!
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A basic, old news, repetitive look of a person. You've seen it before, it's not a shocker.
"Ugh, you look like a rerun." Or "EW, RERUN!"
by RyWeatrowski June 21, 2018
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An old, dusty motherfucker that looks like the Hobbit version of Ashy Larry. He may need baby powder on his head and chest, and his elbows and corns may need a little vaseline, but give him time. His tell-tale cloud of dust that follows him and his obsessive-compulsive desire to watch Oprah and Days of Our Lives reruns will soon endear him to you in a way you never thought possible. You'll eventually call him, Brother.
Person 1: Yo, you seen ReRun?
Person 2: Oprah on, he'll be back at it shortly. Dusty as ever.
by RyanFNation October 7, 2018
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n. The result of combining all the containers of different leftovers from a big Chinese take-out order into one pan and re-heating.

Usually results in a very tasty but unidentifiable mystery dish.

Can also be applied to Thai food (i.e. Thai Rerun)
You: What's for dinner?
Me: Chinese Rerun
You: Mmmmmm!
by ctrlU January 16, 2012
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